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The Galle Medical Journal is published by the Galle Medical Association. The Journal is published quarterly in March, June, September and December each year. Submissions are accepted throughout the year. The aims of the journal are to foster co-operation among the medical fraternity and to be a forum to make literary contributions, share experiences encountered in medical practice, update their knowledge and have debates on topics related to all aspects of medicine. Also,we attempt to cater to the educational needs especially of the postgraduate trainees. The Journal publishes original articles,reviews, leading articles and case reports. When an article is submitted for publication, we expect that the work it reports has not been published, submitted simultaneously to another journal or accepted for publication elsewhere. All manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously before acceptance.

Manuscripts must be submitted with the text typed in 12-point Times New Roman font double spaced. Text and all illustrative material should be submitted in two hard copies and the electronic version in Microsoft Word document format.
In order to avoid delay we require authors to comply with the following requirements. All manuscripts should accompany a covering letter indicating the number of words in the manuscript, institution where ethical clearance was granted, conflict of interests and contact details of the corresponding author.

Types of contributions:

Review articles and Leading articles: We encourage submission of review or leading articles which are less than 3000 words in length and address topics of current interest. They should be supported by no more than 20 references. Submissions may be subjected to external review before acceptance.

Original articles: Should normally be in the format of introduction, methods, results and discussion. Each manuscript must have a structured abstract of 200 words. The text should be limited to 3000 words and maximum of 5 tables/ figures taken together with no more than 15 references. Lengthy manuscripts are likely to be returned for shortening. The discussion in particular should be clear, concise and should be limited to matters arising directly from the results. Avoid discursive speculation.

Case Reports: These should not exceed 750 words and 5 references; no abstract is required. Case report should be informative and devoid of irrelevant details. Case report should have a clear message or learning point and this should be highlighted adequately. Rarity of the case does not mean it is suitable for publication. Written consent of the patient should be submitted together with the case report, especially when photographs are used.


These should conform to the Vancouver style. The reference in the text should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals in parentheses in the same line of the text in the order in which they appear. The first five authors should be listed and if there are more than five, then the first three should be listed followed by et al. Examples are given below:

1. Kumar A, Patton DJ, Friedrich MG. The emerging clinical role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 2010; 26(6): 313-22.

2. Calenoff L, Rogers L. Esophageal complication of surgery and lifesaving procedures. In: Meyers M, Ghahremani G, eds.
Iatrogenic Gastrointestinal Complications. New York: Springer, 1981: 23-63.

Website references too should conform to the defined Vancouver referencing format;

e.g.: Diabetes Australia. Diabetes globally [Internet]. Canberra ACT: Diabetes Australia; 2012 [updated 2012 Jun 15; cited 2019 Nov 5].
Available from:

Units / Abbreviations:

Authors should follow the SI system of units (except for blood pressure which is expressed in mmHg). Authors should use
abbreviations sparingly and they should be used consistently throughout the text.
Manuscripts that do not conform to these requirements will be returned for necessary modifications.

Manuscripts should be addressed to Chief Editors, Galle Medical Association, Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya and all soft copies should be sent to


Last Updated On 15th June 2020