Annual Academic Sessions of GMA - 2024


President's Message

“Envisioning Future, Embracing Competence, Empowering Community”

As the newly elected President of the Galle Medical Association, it is with great honour and humility that I send this message to our esteemed members and the broader medical community of Sri Lanka. I deeply honoured by the trust, faith and the confidence the membership has bestowed upon me by selecting me as the President of your esteemed organization. Established 84 years ago, our association stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of generations of medical professionals in Galle. As we embark on the journey of 2024, I am filled with enthusiasm and determination to uphold the rich legacy of our organization while charting a course towards continued excellence in healthcare delivery and professional development. I take this opportunity to pay                    my gratitude to all the Past Presidents, Councils and the Membership of Galle Medical Association who have been working hard to uplift this organization its present state. Together, let us strive to serve our patients with compassion, uphold the highest standards of medical ethics, and foster collaboration for the betterment of healthcare in our community.

In light of the ongoing severe economic hardships facing our country, the Galle Medical Association is committed in addressing the unique challenges encountered by both healthcare professionals and the community alike. As the new team of the Galle Medical Association, it is our steadfast aim to anticipate and prepare for the future health challenges that our country will inevitably face. We recognize that in order to ensure a better future for our community, we must proactively address emerging health threats and equip our healthcare team with the necessary tools and knowledge to confront        them effectively. By staying abreast of global health trends, investing in continuous professional development, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we can strengthen our healthcare system’s resilience and capacity to meet the evolving needs of our population.

Growth rate of elderly population in Sri Lanka is the highest among South Asia. Even though this leads to multitudes of problems, country’s awareness and preparedness to face this challenge is minimal. Under the theme “Envisioning Future, Embracing Competence, Empowering Community,” the Galle Medical Association is poised to tackle pressing healthcare challenges head-on, with a special focus on elderly care in 2024, by conducting awareness programmes and workshops among doctors including general practitioners, nurses and the general public. Empowering the elderly population to be independent and encouraging their active participation in economy going to be the key steps which will provide lasting solution to this problem. “Deveni Wasanthaya” is a community programme of GMA, which will introduce the concept of “Healthy aging” to the retiring state sector employees as a start and planning to expand it to include entire Galle district through the existing “Wadihiti Sangamaya” in the near future.

Additionally, we aim to elevate the quality of care provided to diabetic and stroke patients, who constitute a significant portion of the patient population at Teaching Hospital Karapitiya, by organizing to deliver comprehensive care package for diabetics and by revitalizing the stroke care, by implementing a proper stroke care pathway. This will include the establishment of the stroke care unit, in cooperation of a long term rehabilitation facility and introduction of a community based care for stroke patients. Aiming to face the ever increasing challenge of NCDs, a hospital based team will be established to screen NCDs in the community.

Fostering collaboration with other professional bodies takes a high priority in our agenda with a special focus on improving elderly care, stroke rehabilitation and antibiotic stewardship. This will go further by reaching out to include peripheral hospitals in Galle district and conducting educational meetings with general practitioners on regular basis. Our collaborations goes beyond the field of medicine to include Faculty of Engineering of University of Sri Jayewardenepura and Faculty of Landscape architecture in University of Moratuwa to help us in quality improvement projects and infrastructure development projects planned for Teaching Hospital Karapitiya.

As a novel concept, GMA is going to invest on the future, by conducting teaching sessions to fourth year medical students with the help of clinicians from Teaching Hospital-Karapitiya, under the guidance of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna.

In recognition of the importance of holistic well-being among our membership, the Galle Medical Association is excited to unveil a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting physical and mental health through a diverse array of activities. In addition to our healthcare-focused endeavours, we are thrilled to announce plans to introduce sports activities, musical events, and social gatherings designed to alleviate the pressures of professional life and foster a sense of balance, camaraderie, and mental peace among our members. Whereby we aim to create a vibrant, inclusive, and mentally enriching community where members can thrive both personally and professionally.

In conclusion, I extend a sincere invitation to all the members of the Galle Medical Association to unite and work diligently to achieve our objectives for the year 2024. By embracing our theme of “Envisioning Future, Embracing Competence, Empowering Community,” and by actively participating in our collaborative initiatives and innovative programs, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of our patients, our community, and ourselves. Together, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and leave a lasting legacy of excellence in healthcare. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and support. Let us embark on this journey with enthusiasm and determination, knowing that our collective efforts will truly make a difference.

Dr. Wimalasiri Uluwattage