President's Message

It is with great pleasure I pen this message as the president of the Galle Medical Association for 2023. I am deeply honoured by the trust, faith, and confidence the membership had bestowed upon me and I accept this role with utmost humility. I wish to salute the past presidents and the councils for the guidance and support given to me throughout the past ten years during which I served in different portfolios in the council.I should respectfully acknowledge the dedicated work done by the past councils and the membership to uplift the GMA to its present level, always in silence without expecting any glory in return.

Sri Lanka is facing one of its worst economic crises in recent decades and alarming inflation rates. The theme of the GMA 2023 “Preventing the preventable for a better nation” will certainly enable the community as well as the medical fraternity in facing the challenges and supporting the nation. We hope that our interventions will help to retain foreign currency during this crucial period of an economic downturn in our country. 

In concurrence with the theme, we have planned projects to address the areas from preconception period to the elderly. Namely, the key areas are the prevention of birth defects and pregnancy complications, prevention of social problems related to school children, prevention of NCDs in young adults, and prevention of injuries in the elderly. Our main target during the next year would be to achieve these goals through a solid plan with the unyielding dedication and support of the members of the council and the membership.

All components of the academic programme will be continued with more emphasis on clinical examination and presentation skills to benefit our junior members including medical officers and postgraduate trainees. Further, we have planned several sessions by local and foreign faculty to facilitate their overseas training and adaptation to the work environment.

In these troubled times, maintaining the clarity of mind and the mental well-being of our membership is of utmost importance. This could be achieved by fellowships among members and social activities that take our minds beyond medicine. Hence we are planning to include new activities in addition to the activities that were there on the calendar. The social calendar of GMA 2023 will have several new items lined up in addition to the routine list of activities.

I invite all members of the GMA to join hands with my council and myself to make these endeavours truly successful. Let’s embark on this challenging year ahead together, knowing we might have to face unexpected obstacles but with the true spirit of unity and strength to overcome them and to achieve the best for the membership and for the country.


Dr. Aruna de Silva

President – GMA 2023