President’s Messages

Galle Medical Association (GMA) is considered as one of the prestigious professional organisations among the medical fraternity of Sri Lanka. Founded in 1940 as Galle Clinical Society and being named as Galle Medical Association from 1992, is the second oldest medical association of the country.  It is enriched with over five hundred life members and plays a very active role in the professional development and enhancing inter personal skills among local and overseas medical professionals.

I would thank the membership for electing me as the President of the GMA for the year 2022. I had the pleasure of enjoying the guidance and facilities offered to the membership for more than two decades and had the experience of holding few portfolios within previous committees. It is with utmost pleasure and privilege I take up this post to serve GMA as the President 2022. I would like to pay my humble gratitude to all Past Presidents and committee members for the committed work over decades to take it to heights. I along with my dedicated executive committee, would assure that we would strive hard to deliver to the best of our ability to uplift the standards maintained by GMA all throughout. World was devastated in year 2020 /2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic. GMA had many obstacles to overcome but still was able to deliver the intended services under challenging circumstances. This year as the height of the pandemic is weaning down, we have planned many activities with strong aspirations.

Theme for the year 2022 “Easing patients’ journey through a health care enriched with safety and quality” is aimed at enhancing the standards of care delivered to patients. This is through provision of safe, effective, timely, efficient and equitable service to patients. We would select few units and work in collaboration with hospital administration to improve the quality indicators which could expand to other units subsequently.

Postgraduate directorate is the most vibrant wing of GMA enriched with weekly clinical meetings in Medicine, Paediatrics and Anaesthesiology and “Registrar Excellence Forum” (REF). “Young Specialists Forum” (YSF) is for Senior Registrars to enhance their skills. In “Monthly Specialty Updates” an expert would be invited to share their experience with the budding clinicians. “Multi-Disciplinary Teaching Capsules” is the new addition to this wing that will embrace the importance of integrated patient care.

“Glimpse of Health in South” is a forum created to applaud some of the highly specialised services in Galle delivered to patients while “Community Outreach” project will enhance the link with professionals, school children and general public with GMA.

There are many sports events lined up including cricket matches; doctors vs medical students, doctors vs lawyers etc. A special Badminton and Table tennis tournament is planned to be held among members and their families to enhance the social interaction which was lacking during the pandemic.

Many other social events are lined up including musical evenings, traditional New Year celebrations, Bakthi Gee and Christmas carols. GMA Annual short and long trips would be the cynosure of the family members of GMA Membership.

Regular newsletters such as this, from the editorial team will provide information on activities that are conducted throughout the year. Further, they will provide a platform for the membership to showcase their talents.

The pinnacle event of the year, Annual Academic Sessions of GMA creates a platform for scientific knowledge enhancement is planned to be held in October with a colourful inauguration and post event dinner dance.

I would request the membership to join hands in our journey to deliver a healthcare enriched with quality and safety in all the activities spanned throughout the year.                                                                        

Dr. Krishantha Jayasekera


President, GMA – 2022